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ccc plus waiver

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What is the CCC Plus waiver?

The Commonwealth Coordinated Care (CCC) Plus Waiver provides individuals the option to receive care in the community rather than a more restrictive setting, such as a nursing facility or other specialized medical facility.

This waiver is a combination of the former EDCD and TECH waivers.

Who is eligible for the CCC Plus waiver?

Your child may be eligible for the CCC Plus waiver if:

  • they have one or more medical nursing needs
  • they are dependent on technological support and require ongoing skilled nursing care
  • their health, safety and welfare would be in jeopardy without nursing or personal care staff
  • they are at eminent risk of placement in a nursing facility

What services are available under the CCC Plus waiver?

How can I apply for the CCC Plus waiver?

Family & Individual support waiver

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community living waiver

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