Our Services

Service & benefits coordination

Technical assistance on applying for and accessing community-based services for individuals with developmental disabilities, including community based waivers.

Multi-systems advocacy

The Arc advocates across governmental levels--local, state and national-- for improved access for educational opportunities, community-based services, special education services and more.

Public awareness programs

The Arc provides multiple programs for businesses, organizations, civic organizations and schools on disability awareness.

Community training programs

The Arc provides specialized training opportunities to members of the community, including law enforcement response to Autism, special education rights, community-based therapies and more.

Financial assistance programs

We provide financial assistance to individuals and families impacted by developmental disability, including funding for summer programs, sensory equipment, medical procedures and more.

Social & recreational opportunities

We strive to provide inclusive social programming for children and adults alike. Each year, we host dances, holiday parties and more to engage our friends with developmental disabilities.

Book donation program

We partner with local schools, churches, pediatrician offices and other community members in providing free books celebrating the uniqueness of our friends with developmental disabilities.

Files available for download

ApplicationForFunds (pdf)